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Hotel details

The title of the company Touristic and Hotel Complex “Alfa” LLC
Juridical address: building A,
71 Izmailovskoe roadway, Moscow, 105187
TIN (Tax Identification number) 7719188403
Industrial Enterprise Classification Code (KPP code) 771901001
Russia Classification of Economic Activities (OKVED) 55.11
General Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations (OKPO) 00243091
Operating account 40702810500210000006
Correspondent account 30101810100000000402
Bank Identification Code (BIC) 044525402
Primary state registration number (OGRN) 1037739276563 от 29.01.2003г.
The full title of the bank INTERPROGRESSBANK, Moscow
Managing director’s telephone number (499) 166-45-68
Fax (499) 166-46-41
Chief accountant’s telephone number (499) 166-46-37
Yours sincerely,
Managing director of the Touristic and Hotel Complex “Alfa” LLC
Safar-Zade O.Y.
Chief accountant Avtuch G.N.