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Taxi Order Service

Taxi Order Service

Location: reception
Available: 24 hours
From the room please call: 68-88, 61-45

Place an order for a transfer, we can send a request by e-mail or call +7 495 721 33 22 ext 68-88, 61-45.

The guests of the hotel Alfa may also use the following services:

  • Booking and sale of air and train tickets, sale of touristic tickets
  • Room-service (order of meals from the restaurant)
  • Luggage carrying, luggage storage
  • Repair of clothing, laundry
  • Taxi order
  • The telephone connection from the hotel (from the hotel room you can make phone-calls at any time to anywhere in the world, the calculation is carried out at the end of the conversation. You can send a fax at any time at the Accommodation department.)